Xcalibur Carwash  
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State of the art Eco-friendly Belanger Vector Touchless Dual Pump System Car Wash with 3 bays for self-serve wash, Touchless Laser Autowash, (NO Treddle) that can accommodate ''Smart Cars to Mega Crew Cab Duallies, to Limousines, Plus ''Lifted Units'', 3 shampoo vac islands, Kiosk with refrigerated vending machine, change machine and credit card receipt machine.

All bays accept cash or credit cards as well as in house rechargeable Promo Cards. All bays are heated , well lit and
security camera monitored. All doors are ''eye'' activated for opening. Two of the self-serve bays are over height to accommodate RV's and busses. Automated opening, shut down and alarming.